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Shopping for a home? First, shop for a Realtor



Shopping for a home? First, shop for a Realtor. 

Before you shop for a home, there are a few things to put on your punch list — like shopping for a Realtor. Doing all you can to ensure your Realtor offers professionalism and competence paves the way for a great home-buying experience. It’s easy to jump right in, but taking the time to consider the following will put an expert in your corner, one you can work with effectively. 

Interview three Realtors. Make finding a good Realtor to represent you in selling or buying a home a project, but one that will pay off in the end. Rather than automatically going with your hairstylist’s sister who’s a Realtor because it’s easy and convenient, interview her for the job — and two others. Professional Realtors will welcome the chance to speak with you, answer your questions and tell you about their strengths and work experiences. 

Figure out if their communication habits work for you. Work these questions into the interview: Do you prefer to communicate via text, email, or phone? What can I expect in terms of a response time, on average? Everyone has busy days, but knowing the standard of operation for your realty partner is helpful.

Determine if they are organized. Realtors are by our side as we deal with what is likely one of the largest financial decisions of our lives. It makes sense to want someone who is up to date on the latest information and helps us access that information, as well. 

GOOD SIGNS: A Realtor who gets you a buyer’s report of a home before a tour and provides you with data on comparable homes in your neighborhood when you’re pricing your house to sell.

Make sure they can negotiate well. This skill is one you will have to sense, somewhat, until offers on property start heating up. But experts agree that there are some traits good negotiators share, including emotional control, realism, ability to think clearly under stress, and confidence. If your Realtor has these traits and has been in the field for a while? Chances are that they can negotiate well.  

Remember that your Realtor works for you. If you begin a working with a Realtor and you run into problems regarding communication, address them. It doesn’t make sense for you to remain frustrated or for them not to know how you feel and be given a chance to remedy the problem. If time passes and you still don’t feel that you are getting responses in a timely fashion, it’s OK to make a change. 

Interviewing Realtors? Simplicity: A Real Estate Brokerage Company would love to have the opportunity to speak with you about our process and the types of clients we serve. 

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Unveiled: 4 hidden real estate buyer costs


Simplicity: A Real Estate Brokerage Company works with residential and commercial clients buying and selling property. When buying properties — whether they are condos, homes, office buildings or retail space — we do all we can to ensure you have all the information you need to make smart buying decisions. That information includes knowing the true cost of that property. 
How close is the price you’ll pay at closing to what the property will ultimately cost you? Here are four things to check:
Find out if HOA actually stands for ‘Hidden Organizations Attached.’ Not only might there be a Home Owners’ Association involved in a property, or HOA you’re considering to buy — there could be more than one. Woah. 
For example, some residential communities may have a master HOA for upkeep and insurance of common areas and then, additionally, a community HOA, for things like maintenance of private roads and street signs. Being clear on these details up front will prevent you from being surprised by HOA fees or regulations. As a buyer, you’re wise to request documentation of the current rules and regulations governing the property you are considering buying. Some of these regulations could greatly impact your wallet and future, such as a restriction against sub-letting that property, for example. 
Get empowered with data on the electricity bill. Cathedral ceilings are great, especially if you are in a cathedral! But higher interior space overhead can mean higher overhead in terms of household expenses, too. When you look at property to purchase, make a note to ask the age of the air-conditioning system. Ask if it’s been properly maintained over time. (An organized seller may even have service records to share.) 
Make sure information is flowing freely. Does water come from a county, city or well water system? When you run your sprinkler, does your water meter run and are you the one getting charged for that, as well as the water that comes from your kitchen faucet? These are all good questions to ask a seller and his or her realtor. 
Double check that the rooms really measure up. You want to be sure that your favorite leather loveseat will fit where you envision it. Remember that room measurements on property listings aren’t always correct. Bring a tape measure along, or a laser-distance measurer. This way, you’ll know exactly what you’re getting and that your furniture and accessories will fit where you plan to position them. 
These are four of the potential hidden costs in a property transaction.
We’re happy to work with you to find others. Simplicity: A Real Estate Brokerage Company’s goal is that its clients are well informed on property they’re considering for purchase. 


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